Plastic Tubing Packing
Plastic Tubing Packing
Hansweld machines, thanks to the wide configuration options, can be ideallysuited to the customer's expectations. Several hundred Hansweld machineshave already been manufactured at the Hansweld Technology Group factory,and they are used by customers all over the world.

Hansweld machines can be modified or built in accordance to meet a specificcustomer needs. Each project - especially in machine industry- can be secured by confidentiality agreements according to the client's wishes.
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Application: It is suitable for the edge of PVC, APET, PETG plastic transparent material cylinder and the edge of cake box, paper tube and cake box. Product shape can be round, oval, trapezoid. 

Suitable for cosmetic packaging, tea packaging, food packaging, arts and crafts packaging, product process: cylinder inside edging machine, cylinder reverse edging machine, cylinder outside reverse edging machine, trapezoidal cylinder edging machine, horn mouth cylinder machine, blister edging machine, plastic edging machine and other processes, cylinder edging machine humanized design, equipment will automatically fall. Automatically roll up after the edge, as long as the operator uninterrupted loading and unloading can; Two workstations need only one worker to operate, reducing labor while greatly improving efficiency.

Plastic Tubing Packing - these are a name for the same group of products, without which modern industry would notexist in the form it does today. Almost every product is carried on a plastic tubing packing at some point in its life. 

The enormous demand for this type of products makes Hansweld machines - for the production of  plastic packing - very popular among manufacturers all over the world.

There are many types of package. They differ in terms of the shape from which they are made, structure and surface. Various types of plastic packing made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polyurethane can be produced on Hansweld high-frequency welding machines. The initial product is always a wide foil - produced by the largestmanufacturers - made of the appropriate material depending on the intended use. The rolls of this foil are then cut to the desired width. After that, the product becomesa tape from which the final product can be made. At this stage, Hansweld high-frequency welding machines manufactured by the Hansweld Technology Group areused for the production of plastic packing .

Many industries use this type of solution. plastic packing  are used by:

> Agriculture

> Automotive industry

> Packaging industry

> Food industry