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The characteristics of Dual high frequency welding machine
High frequency daul machine, dual hydraulic high-frequency machine is also known as hydraulic high-frequency machine, embossing machine, embossing machine and creasing machine, etc. It is suitable for processing high-frequency products such as footwear high-frequency pressure melting, PVC high-frequency glue welding, leather large-area high-frequency deep printing, high-frequency printing, high-frequency edge trimming, etc.
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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of fully automatic cylinder machines
In recent years, due to the advancement of equipment technology, the development of cylinder machines has been very mature. It is deeply loved by friends in the industry. Therefore, more users choose the cylinder machine. Below, the editor will introduce to you the problems encountered when using the machine and how to solve it correctly.
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Characteristics of ultrasonic welding and high-frequency welding and the differences between ultrasonic and high-frequency welding
We have received many questions from customers that we need to weld a certain plastic material and we don’t know whether to use an ultrasonic welding machine or a high frequency welding machine. Today I will answer this tangled question for you~
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The process principle of high-frequency trapaulin welding machine equipment
High-frequency trapaulin welding machine is a professional equipment commonly used for welding trapaulin, plastic, leather and other materials. Its technological principle is to convert electric energy into high-frequency and high-voltage current by using a high-frequency oscillator, and transmit the high-frequency current to the surface of the processed material through the electrode, so as to generate local instantaneous heating and complete welding.
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Why do high frequency sealing machine and high frequency machine strike a fire?
In the daily production of machines, it is inevitable that there will be some problems, but when the machine is in normal operation, there is a phenomenon of sparking, so how should we solve it? What is the cause of the fire? Let's get to know each other!
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What are the classifications of high frequency molds and what are their functions?
At this stage, there are many products using high-frequency machines. Different products will be matched with a corresponding mold. So how are the molds produced? What materials is it made of? Follow me and take a look at high frequency molds~
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Common troubleshooting methods for high frequency welding machine
There are many ways to deal with common faults of high-frequency equipment. For example, the most common one is high-frequency sparks. Then you can use an air gun to blow them clean. Lower the high-frequency frequency and keep high-frequency products clean.
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How are billboards and banners for advertising industry produced?
Production of advertising materials – especially of billboards and banners- requires special care in every stage of their creation. Beginning with the creation itself and ending with the final finishing and fastening...
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