HSD-12KW-45T High Frequency Welding Machine with 45T High Pressure
HSD-12KW-45T High Frequency Welding Machine with 45T High Pressure
HSD-12KW-45T High Frequency Welding Machine with 45T High Pressure
Fully automatic high-frequency synchronous fuse is a device that heats and cuts off high-frequency media.

Using the high-frequency electromagnetic field generated by the self-excited oscillator of the electron tube, the processed plastic is in the high-frequency electromagnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes. Its internal molecules are stimulated to move at high speed and rub against each other to generate heat and melt, thereby achieving the purpose of pressurizing the mold. welding or embossing.

The device is divided into two-stage and three-stage pressure actions. Only use air pressure when only welding action is required. When cutting action is required, the oil pressure needs to be turned on.
Control Panel
Control Panel

Working principle of high frequency welding machine

The high-frequency electromagnetic field is generated by the self-excited oscillation of the electron tube. Under the action of the high-frequency electromagnetic field between the upper and lower electrodes, the internal molecules of the processed plastic parts are polarized and arranged in the direction of the electric field.

Because the high-frequency electric field changes direction at an extremely fast speed, the dielectric material will heat up due to dielectric loss, causing the plastic part itself to generate heat and achieve welding and finalization under the pressure of the mold. When heated to form and then cooled for a period of time, the plastic can maintain this deformation.

The workpiece formed by this welding method is as strong as the rubber itself.

If two or more pieces of plastic are heated to a hot-melt state and then cooled, they are firmly bonded together. Using this characteristic, high-frequency embossing or high-frequency molding and high-frequency welding can be achieved.

1. Strong output and excellent performance;

Using a low-loss coaxial oscillator and a specially designed synchronizer, the output is enhanced, the splicing time is reduced, and the production efficiency is improved.

2. High sensitivity spark arrester;

This machine adopts a newly designed electronic circuit spark arrester with high technical level, which is highly sensitive, stable and reliable, and can minimize the damage caused by sparks to molds, materials, insulation materials, etc.

3. Safety protection device;

This machine is equipped with over-voltage and over-current protection devices, which can automatically cut off the power supply or shut down when abnormal conditions occur, protecting valuable components such as the oscillation tube from damage.

4. High reliability and high efficiency;

This machine adopts a pneumatic pressurizing mechanism to ensure consistent product fusion and improve product quality. Use high-quality and reliable parts to minimize the maintenance rate of the equipment.

ModelHSD- 12KW-45T
Power Supply380V *3P *50HZ
Frequency27. 12MHz
Input power20KVA
Oscillation tubeE3013
Max pressure45T
Gap of electrodes200MM
Cylinder Stroke100MM
Size of upper electrode400*600MM
Max Welding surface each work cycle220c ㎡
Welding time0~ 10S Adjustable

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