HSD-15KW HF automatic slide welding machine
HSD-15KW HF automatic slide welding machine
HSD-15KW HF automatic slide welding machine
The high frequency double-head machine is equipped with high sensitive spark protection, which can automatically cut off the high frequency circuit when the spark is generated, and effectively protect the mold and materials.

And it is equipped with high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device to reduce high frequency interference. Foot type double head machine structure simple operation, convenient alignment.
Control Panel
Control Panel

The main uses of high-frequency machines are:

PVC, PU, TPU, EVA, PE, PET, PA or PP, and any other soft and hard rubber materials, as well as special purpose processing or vacuum packaging sealing of leather or woolen fabrics, are widely used.

Scope of use:

Such as embossed shoes, hats, clothing, craft accessories, inflatable toys, air cushion beds, car sunshades, foot cushions, cushions, car oil pots, and various automotive products, trademarks, bags, shower curtains, carpets, packaging bags, hot water bags, medical equipment, stationery, photo albums, albums, sports products, PVC folding boxes, eyeglass boxes, tents, motorcycle cushions, vacuum packaging and sealing of tools, electronics, and electrical appliances.

High Q value Oscillator ,Stable and reliable in sealing power output;

High Sensitive Arc-Suppressor,Prevent the mould from damage ;

High Precision guide,easy Operation ;

Pneumatic and hydraulic options available

Mainly Application: 

1) Synthetic leather products;

2)Various car decorations;

3)Various clothing, footwear, trademarks, belts, watch straps

and other products;

4) CD cases;

5) Blister and paper cards, blister+ blister products and so on;





Power Supply380V 3P 50HZ
Input power25KVA
Max pressure8T85RB
Oscillation tube1500KG
Cylinder Stroke250MM
Size of upper electrode150MM
Size of bottom electrode600*700MM
Max Welding surface each work cycle700*800MM
Welding time300c㎡

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