Movable HF welding Machine 10-25KW Optional
Movable HF welding Machine 10-25KW Optional
Movable HF welding Machine 10-25KW Optional
Through the principle of high-frequency wave welding machine, it is used for high-frequency wave PVC biogas pool welding, PVC reservoir welding, and PVC children's swimming pool welding.

It can also be used to make high-frequency car tarpaulin canvas welding, high-frequency tent cloth welding, high-frequency film curtain welding, high-frequency outdoor sunshade cloth welding, high-frequency advertising printing cloth welding, low-frequency PVC cloth welding or any soft material containing PVC components. Plastic high frequency wave welding splicing.

Through the action of high-frequency waves, the material is melted by high-frequency, making the surface smooth, beautiful and firm.
Control Panel
Control Panel

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are adopted with European Design Square sytle HF generator,which is stable in power output And With High Sensitive Arc Surpressor that protect the material and welding tools Application:PVC tarpaulin ,Advertisement BannerPVC tents , tensile membrane construction , PVC ceiling,oil boom,swimming pool ,etc .

Suitable Material: PVC or TPU (Any material contents PVC or TPU.

1.It can choose machines with different high-freauency powers accordind to the needs of users, The lenath. curvoture and width of weldindmaterials can be changed each time. and the size, enoth and width of hiah-freauency molds con be chanaed to meet the needs of flmstructure welding.

2.The high-frequency oscillation system is a European-style square coaxial structure, and the high-frequency output power is stable andpowerful.

3.The high-frequency 5557 spark protection system is installed in the high-frequency welding machine to prevent damage to the high-requency welding mold.

4.The welding time can be set freely according to the thickness of the material, and the high-frequency power output can be preciselyadjusted. welds firmly, and the thickness of the material can be satisfied. The deep and wide feeding tank of the machine is convenient for large-area continuous connection. The machine can be rotated for continuous crimping and welding, and the round-trip length can be customizedreely.

Suitable Welding Area30MM*1000MM50MM*1000MM
VoltageAC3∮ 380V 50HZAC3∮ 380V 50HZ
Control MethodPLC/man-machine interfacePLC/man-machine interface
Oscillating Frequency27.12Mhz27.12Mhz
Maximum working pressure1000KG1500KG
Groove Size500*200MM500*200MM
Alignment SystemImported RailImported Rail
RectifierSilicon DiodeSilicon Diode
Pressurization MethodAirtecAirtec
Machine ColorWhite / or CustomizedWhite / or Customized
Effective Track LengthAccording to customer requirementsAccording to customer requirements
Contactor and SwitchCHNTCHNT
Pneumatic ComponentsAirtecAirtec

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