Tarpaulin Bag
Tarpaulin Bag
Hansweld machines, thanks to the wide configuration options, can be ideallysuited to the customer's expectations. Several hundred Hansweld machineshave already been manufactured at the Hansweld Technology Group factory,and they are used by customers all over the world.

Hansweld machines can be modified or built in accordance to meet a specificcustomer needs. Each project - especially in machine industry- can be secured by confidentiality agreements according to the client's wishes.
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Through the principle of high frequency wave welding machine, used to do high frequency wave PVC biogas pool welding, PVC reservoir welding, PVC children swimming

Pool welding, can also be used to make high frequency auto tarpaulin canvas welding, high frequency tent cloth welding, high frequency film curtain welding。

High frequency outdoor sunshade cloth welding, high frequency advertising printing cloth welding, high frequency PVC cloth welding or any material containing PVC components of soft plastic plastic high frequency wave welding splicing. Through the action of high frequency wave, the material is fused by high frequency, the surface is smooth and smooth and beautiful and firm.

All Machines are adopted with European Design Square sytle HF generator,which is stable in power output And With High Sensitive Arc Surpressor that protect the material and welding tools Application:PVC tarpaulin ,Advertisement BannerPVC tents , tensile membrane construction , PVC ceiling,oil boom,swimming pool ,etc .

Suitable Material: PVC or TPU (Any material contents PVC or TPU

>  Outdoor tent

> Automotive industry

>  Tensile Structures

> Covers and Tarpaulin