HSD-4060 Continuous pulse blister sealing machine
HSD-4060 Continuous pulse blister sealing machine
HSD-4060 Continuous pulse blister sealing machine
This machine can be all kinds of film(PET, APET, PETG, PVC, PS, PP)plastic into different shapes of plastic cover

Such as toys, hardware, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other form dense Department of packaging

And can produce three-dimensional embossed pattern, plastic ceiling, siding, cake boxes, automobile materials and sanitary equipment to form a fine liner shell packaging.
Control Panel
Control Panel

This machine can shape various plastic sheets into different shapes of suction caps


Widely used in:

Toyshardwareelectronicsfood and other industries, for small and medium-sized blister molding products of choice.

Strong output and high performance      

The use of low loss coaxial oscillator, specially designed homophone to make the output stronger, reduce the welding time, improve the production efficiency.            

>Highly sensitive spark suppressor

his machine adopts a new design with good technical level of electronic circuit spark suppressor, high sensitivity, stable and reliable, so that the damage caused by the mold, materials, insulation materials and so on to small.

>Safety protection device

The machine is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent protection device, which can automatically cut off the power or make the machine stop working in case of abnormal, in order to protect the oscillation tube and other valuable parts from damage.

> High reliability and efficiency

This machine adopts pneumatic pressure mechanism, so that the product welding effect is consistent, improve product quality. Select high quality and reliable components, so that the maintenance rate of equipment is reduced to a small.

Model HSD-4060
Driven mode Driven by Chain and motor
Size  of  the press400*600mm
Number of the plate12 PCS
Power of the machine6.8KW
Production Speed8-10 Seconds / Circle
Size of the machine3400×1100×1650mm (L*W*H)
Weight of the machine500Kg
Max Pressure200/300Kg
Air Consumption0.1m3/min
Press Moving Stroke150mm
Type of HeatingUpper Heater

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