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About Us

Shenzhen Hansweld Co.,Ltd was found in the year 2010, the company is a manufacturer, trader distributor and wholesaler. They are located in Guangdong, China (mainland) with about eleven to fifty (11-50) members working in the present time. They are one of the leading manufacturers of High Frequency Welding Machines which are also known as Radio Frequency Machines.

They are the main dealers of High Frequency Welding Machine, PVC&PET Cylinder tube making machine, PVC&PET clear box making machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Packaging Machinery.

Hansweld also manufactures and deals in the following machinery:

1. The High frequency Welding Machine

The High frequency Welding Machine or Radio Frequency welding machine helps in joining the two or more materials by supplying High Frequency pressure. This pressure is in the form of electromagnetic energy and can be applied on the material to get joined together. There is a generator in the machine to produce and supply energy. This machinery includes:

  • PVC Tarpaulin Welding Machine
  • PVC & PET Blister Packaging Machinery
  • High Frequency Welding & Cutting Machine
  • HF welder for Pocket Air Filter
  • Automatic High Frequency Welding Machine
  •  Standard High Frequency Welding Machine
2. Conveyor Belt Machinery

A Conveyor Belt is usually used as a medium of a belt conveyor system. It is usually has two or more pulleys and belt works as a carrying medium. Hansweld machinery includes many types and series of conveyor Belts machinery such as:

  • High Frequency Welding Machine for PVC , TPU, cleats and sidewalls HSD-10KW
  • HSD-12KW High Frequency Welding Machine for conveyor belt
  • HSD-15KW Conveyor Belt Welding Machine for cleats and sidewalls
  • HSD-25KW Conveyor Belt Welding Machine for cleats and sidewalls
  • High Frequency Welding Machine for conveyor belt
  • High Frequency Conveyor Belt Welding Machine HSD-8KW
  • Finger Punching Machine for Conveyor Belt
  • Air Cooled Press for PVC TPU Conveyor belt
3. PVC PET folding Box series

This kind of machinery is usually designed t make boxes or foldable boxes for the products in the market. These include soft crease box machinery; see through packaging, PVC folding, Offset Printing Boxes, PVC and PET foldable boxes etc.

4. PVC PET Cylinder Forming machine

Hasweld machinery also provide with the clear cylindrical container forming machines, this also include machines like: Cylinder Tube Edge curling machine, Ultrasonic High Frequency cylinder bottom lid sealing machine, Ultrasonic & solvent Cylindrical Tube Forming Machine , Cylinder Tube forming machine.

  • PVC & PET cylinder tube forming machine
  • PVC & PET Cylinder Forming Machine HSD-200
  • Semi-Cylinder Tube forming machine
  • PVC PET cylinder tube bottom edge curling machine
  • Fully Automatic Cylinder Tube Curling Machine
  • Cylinder tube bottom curling machine
  • Cake Box Edge Curling Machine
  • PVC & PET cylinder tube bottom lid sealing machine
  • Ultrasonic Cylindrical Tube Bottom Lid Welding machine
  • Cylinder tube bottom lid sealing machine
5. PVC PET PP Flattening Cutting machine

Hansweld also manufactures the soft plastic flattening and cutting machine. They provide with two models of the flattening and cutting machine; HSD-420-1000 and HSD-370-1000.

6. Cake Box Making machine

Hansweld also provide with the unique technology of cake box making machines, this machine fulfill many of the market’s needs in today’s times. The cake box making machine can produce one piece per fifteen seconds (1pcs/15sec) in one forming and cutting operation round. They also provide with the free on year training of this machine with warranty. The model number of this machine is HSD-550B

7. Hot Air Welding Machine

Hansweld provide Hot Air Welding machine with highly durable, auto adjustable temperature control with heating stability in king size of twist square design.

They have two models in this category of machinery; Hot Air welding machine WELD-15 and hand Held Hot Air Welding Machine


8. Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic Welding machine has high frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to apply pressure on the materials so they held together. Hansweld Provide with two models of this machinery: Ultrasonic Welding Machine HSD-15600W/2200W/3200W/4200W and Plastic Ultrasonic Welding machine.

9. Accessories and components

Hansweld Provides all necessary accessories and components which related to the our machines .